Who we are

I grew up and lived in Lisbon, always passionate about heritage (natural and cultural), fascinated by history, nature and people. After receiving my Law degree, I decided to take a more informal path, dedicating myself to environmental awareness in the Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon Oceanarium) where I was an educator for 7 years. This brought me into contact with a diverse audience of all ages, different nationalities and fascinating socio-cultural backgrounds. It was during this period that I obtained a degree in Advanced Studies in Territory, Environment and Sustainable Development.

Our national heritage is like a vast and inspiring ocean and the next tide in my life took me to cultural heritage: for 6 years I dedicated myself to cultural heritage education and was also a curator at Egeac/ Fado Museum. In 2019 whilst participating on the executives’ programme "Cultural Heritage Management" in Nova SBE I started to recall an old dream to reconcile Cultural and Natural Heritage in the municipality of Idanha-a-Nova. This is when I started developing my own project "Porta Raiana", dedicated to an exciting region with diverse "heritages" in one single region.

I am a creative, determined and persistent person and this project is the opportunity to live and evolve in a region that inspires me: “It is in the countryside that our virtue and inspiration lies", faithful to its origins Idanha –a – Nova is open to the sustainable future.